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Unrestrained data growth has led to problems ranging from inaccessible, unmanageable data to stranded storage capacity. You need a solution that is scalable, flexible and future-ready — you need EqualLogic. CounterTrade is Denver's EqualLogic source for storage area network solutions that help take back control of this valuable resource.

EqualLogic solutions from CounterTrade will help with:

  • Consolidation of server and storage resources to help reduce costs through improved efficiency and streamlined operations
  • Future-ready technology that will save maintenance time and costs and enable staff to be more flexible and adaptive during rapid technology advances and data growth
  • Simplify your operations through a single, aggregated purchase for end-to-end Storage, Servers and Consulting Services

Whether consolidating direct-attached storage (DAS), migrating from an existing SAN or NAS system, improving data protection, or simply adding capacity, the EqualLogic PS 4000 Series and PS 6000 Series deploys flexibly to address enterprise storage needs.

As business needs change, an EqualLogic Storage Area Network can easily adapt. Its virtualized architecture allows simple redeployment of arrays, tiered storage, thin provisioning, online volume movement and much more, all without extra cost and cumbersome processes.

The Denver EqualLogic Difference - CounterTrade

EqualLogic Ease of Use

  • Intelligent, automated management helps minimize tedious administrative tasks
  • From box to operating SAN in minutes

EqualLogic Enterprise Performance

  • Exceptional performance for both sequential and transactional applications with linear scalability as arrays are added
  • Automated, real-time load balancing across drives, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers for optimized performance and resource utilization
  • Pooling capability enables appropriate service levels for individual applications

EqualLogic Reliability

  • All-inclusive enterprise features and functionality with no additional software licenses to purchase
  • Easy connection via iSCSI
  • Automated features help to eliminate highly specialized administrative costs

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